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Keeping our Children Safe: Toolkit for Parents and Educators
Keeping our Children Safe: Toolkit for Parents and Educators
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This toolkit is an excellent resource to use when giving parent workshops to help families coach their children in interpersonal problem solving strategies. Help your children or students learn strategic communication techniques to de-escalate problem situations and deal with verbal abuse and unfair treatment in a respectful and assertive manner. Toolkit contains three children's books and a 32 page adult guide. Sam and the Goodwill Sandwich - Sam learns the 'Goodwill Sandwich' method for giving feedback, addressing issues of controversy, offering criticism and re-direction, and de-escalating problems. The technique uses a combination of goodwill, good data and ends with more goodwill in order to engage the other person as an ally in the problem-solving process. Sam Takes a Stand - Sam learns how to deal with put-downs, mean jokes, demeaning comments, teasing, and verbal abuse, without resorting to counter-attack or aggression. Sam Speaks Up - Sam learns how to speak up for himself in a respectful manner when he feels he has been unfairly treated by an adult.
Peace@School Toolkit
Peace@School Toolkit
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Peace@School Toolkit (also available in French) Peace@School is a toolkit for educators and youth, designed to help create peaceful school environments. The toolkit consists of two DVDs and a set of three thoroughly researched and tested guidebooks, written by Hetty van Gurp of Peaceful Schools International. Peace@School includes two critically acclaimed productions directed by award-winning filmmaker Teresa MacInnes, and produced by the National Film Board of Canada and Triad Film Productions. Waging Peace follows a year of change at a junior high, while Learning Peace shows an elementary school that has integrated peace education into its curriculum, with amazing results.
Peace in Action Toolkit
Peace in Action Toolkit
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