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"Children's Peace Treaty" Blank Greeting Cards - pkg of 10
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These blank cards come in packages of 10.
Food for Thought
Our Price: $5.00

100 quotaions • Use Food for Thought quotes to add inspiration to cards, letters, lunchboxes, meetings, classes. • Food for Thought makes a unique student award. • Pass the Food for Thought around to your colleagues at meetings.
Hope for the Future
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Hope for the Future
Students for Teaching Peace / Sea to Sea Productions / 2005 Length: 70 minutes
Armed with video cameras, thirty-two students from across Canada travel to the Balkans seeking that elusive goal, "To make the world a better place." Hope for the Future is a feature length documentary that records the life-changing journey of these young people and their teachers to Belgrade, Serbia. Inspired by the work of Hetty van Gurp, founder of Peaceful Schools International, these "Students for Teaching Peace" embark on a mission to spend their holiday doing something special.
Students for Teaching Peace: Youth Making a Difference
Our Price: $15.00

This DVD contains trailers for: Teaching Peace in a Time of War - Highlights from the documentary film that chronicles peace educator Hetty van Gurp’s work in Serbia and the impact her work had on students in that country. Hope for the Future – student trailer - This is the original trailer that was directed by members of Students for Teaching Peace. All the footage was captured by the students. Hope for the Future – the feature - Highlights from the inspiring feature documentary produced by filmmakers Kent Nason and Teresa MacInnes that show the transformative effect of an incredible journey to Serbia on the members of Students for Teaching Peace. The Troubles Within - Footage from the second “peace mission” to Northern Ireland by the members of Students for Teaching Peace.
Keeping our Children Safe: Toolkit for Parents and Educators
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This toolkit is an excellent resource to use when giving parent workshops to help families coach their children in interpersonal problem solving strategies. Help your children or students learn strategic communication techniques to de-escalate problem situations and deal with verbal abuse and unfair treatment in a respectful and assertive manner. Toolkit contains three children's books and a 32 page adult guide. Sam and the Goodwill Sandwich - Sam learns the 'Goodwill Sandwich' method for giving feedback, addressing issues of controversy, offering criticism and re-direction, and de-escalating problems. The technique uses a combination of goodwill, good data and ends with more goodwill in order to engage the other person as an ally in the problem-solving process. Sam Takes a Stand - Sam learns how to deal with put-downs, mean jokes, demeaning comments, teasing, and verbal abuse, without resorting to counter-attack or aggression. Sam Speaks Up - Sam learns how to speak up for himself in a respectful manner when he feels he has been unfairly treated by an adult.
The Troubles Within
Our Price: $15.00

The Troubles Within - a Sea to Sea Production
This documentary film chronicles the experiences of a group of youth from Nova Scotia, Canada on a trip to Northern Ireland in 2006. Having been inspired to learn more about the roots of conflict by their experience in Serbia the previous year, they visited schools, facilitated workshops with youth and talked with people on both sides of the conflict. (36 minutes)
Creating Caring Schools: Peace-promoting activities for all seasons
Our Price: $20.00

Creating Caring Schools: Peace-promoting activities for all seasons by Hetty van Gurp
This is a book for elementary and secondary teachers and administrators and includes over 30 practical school-wide initiatives with many variations; CD and sheet music for the original song "The Right Thing to Do" and a full index cross-listing themes and types of project.
Teaching Peace in a Time of War
Our Price: $20.00

Teaching Peace in a Time of War - documentary film
A decade of civil war cost the lives of more than 250 000 people in the former Yugoslavia. The children of this region have been irrevocably afflicted by the violence. Can Hetty van Gurp help teach the language of peace to a generation of kids who have only known war?
Teaching Peace in a Time of War introduces us to the students and teachers of Vasa Pelagic School in Belgrade, Serbia. The students include Nenad, whose father is institutionalized for killing his mother, Emil who is terrorised for being Muslim, and Alexandra whose father admits that he “enjoyed” the war, relates that peace “means nothing to me, because I don’t have any peace.”
Listen to the Children: A Journey of Sharing
Our Price: $20.00

Listen to the Children: A Journey of Sharing
A documentary by Logan MacGillivray
Theme song written and performed by Terry Kelly
Listen to the Children is a reminder to act on the goodness of our hearts. In January 2008, 10 year-old Logan MacGillvray saw pictures of the hardships children face in Northern Provence, Sierra Leone - schools with no chairs, no desks, no recreational equipment, few books, and roofing that could not keep the rain away. He felt he should do something. With guidance from the Centre for Development and Peace Education (cdpeace) he spearheaded sending a 40 foot shipping container filled with educational, building and recreational materials to refurbish seven schools and build a community resource centre for students and teachers at the cdpeace headquarters at Mayagba, Sierra Leone.
Logan applied, on a global level, the caring principles he knew from the playground: include everyone and share toys and equipment.
Peace in the Classroom
Our Price: $22.00

Peace in the Classroom by Hetty van Gurp (Adams)
Peace in the Classroom is an entertaining collection of creative
activities to use in the classroom to promote peace. A very
useable resource. K-8.